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About Our Materials

Windows & doors

The aluminium frames are thermally broken providing a robust shield from the elements, and reducing the risk of cold bridging around the openings.  This makes your home warm and draft free.  The double glazed, argon filled, low-e units have a 1.3 W/mwK U-value, allowing for floor to ceiling glazing without compromising on energy efficiency.

SIP Panel.jpg

SIP Panels

SIP panels are prefabricated Structural Insulated panels, with 2 boards OSB filled with polyurethane, which are the most thermally efficient of all SIP panels.

Our SIP panels are all fully accredited and fabricated in our workshop in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  All of the panels are quality checked before they are assembled making our Architectural products free from cold bridges, and drafts.


The Dab Den products can be clad in any materials, from stacked stone, white render, and facing stone, to the characteristic timber cladding.  We use sustainably  sourced timber cladding to ensure the highest quality of finish.  We use Siberian larch cladding which has a Grade A rating, The 20mm thick cladding can be left to weather naturally into a silvery grey, or can be treated to retain the golden brown colour.

dubford (29).jpg

Metal Cladding

The cladding of your building can transform a standard box into a glistening jewel.  We can install a variety of metal claddings that will create a unique design from the black standing seam panel system to shiny copper. 

We have a range of metal claddings that can be combines to create a sophisticated and contemporary design that will make your extension stand out from the crowd.

White render

The smooth white render creates a modern finish, with clean lines and a fresh appearance.  Once applied the finish is practically maintenance free finish. It complements the dark window frames and creates a sharp look to your new extension or garden room.

DabDen Classroom 7A_edited.jpg

Composite Cladding

The composite cladding is a non-combustible finish available in a variety of colours and finishes. Whether you would like the timber effect or the smooth panel, you will be able to achieve a contemporary low maintenance finish to your building.


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