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Project 1


Dab Dwelling 01

Hill house, Montgarrie

The site has an existing 2 storey stable building that is positioned in the north/east corner of the site. To the west of the stable block and further down the slope there is the remnants of a bothy the easterly wall remains and acts as retainer to the ground behind/above.


In response to the sloping site Hillhouse is a split level with entrance level forming the single storey elevation to the roadside (east). The lower level projects forward on the west side to allow a decked area at entrance level. The 2 storey elevation is kept private from the roadside. The proposed dwelling is situated approx. 7m from the roadside and the entrance level is approx. 2m lower than the road therefore minimising the impact of the development. The building has been designed with lots of glazing to the South and West elevation to maximise solar gains.

Hillhouse is constructed using modern methods of construction adopting a fabric first approach ensuring that the structure is highly insulated and air tight maximising solar gains with large areas glazing therefore reducing the amount of energy required to heat the dwelling. The external of the building is clad in Blackened timber with contrasting Siberian larch to highlight the detailing of the ingoes, soffits and extending timber wall.


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